The Karma Group is seeking a diverse array of writers/screenwriters for immediate development of a script/documentary/book. The subject matter deals with real life events surrounding an ongoing $800 million white-collar corruption scandal rife with constitutional violations and multiple botched cover-up attempts. It involves certain of the top global accounting firms, as well as several high profile Canadian law firms. The central theme of the work will chronicle this now thirteen year long struggle between North America's first Sikh Billionaire - Erwin Singh Braich, 56, a prominent international industrialist and philanthropist, and certain parties. This compelling saga illuminates bizarre and repeated misconduct by Officers of the Court, trusted civil servants, and others with a fiduciary duty to the general public. These malfeasances include tampering, perjury, brazen abuse of due process, corporate intimidation, and false allegations of criminal activity which led to improperly obtained Warrants for arrest. At times subject warrants were duplicitous, and on other occasions arbitrarily and unexplainably not enforced. There are, of course, the all too common threads of double-cross, deceit, theft, and greed. Our offshore based group is looking for experienced writers to tell this story from a variety of perspectives. Voluminous and impeccable reference material will be pro- vided, including but not limited to official court transcripts, documents, tape recordings, photographs, and sworn statements by witnesses, insiders, and whistleblowers. This project has a $50 million dollar budget and title credits are available. Upon completion, this work will be translated for the benefit of foreign distributors. Readers may remember that when the above ad was published approximately 3 years ago, that this project was hampered by an elaborate infiltration attempt. A woman with a name coincidentally matching that of a Canadian Border Services agent, posed as an eager journalist, and then vanished quickly after being exposed by our group.

Exactly who was this woman spying for? Specifically who is being protected? And what is being hidden? Is this also at taxpayer’s expense, much like the rest of this entire persecution?

Since the last ad another noteworthy item has emerged; in our democratic society founded on the doctrines of freedom of speech, a lawful creditor of Mr. Erwin Singh Braich was arrested. A search warrant was executed on July 2, 2010, at his residence by approximately 9 members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This Canadian born citizen is now being criminally prosecuted under the most draconian section of law that is available. It has been over 2 years without this lawful creditor having been returned the materials that were seized and detained pursuant to an unsigned Detention Order.

The allegation against this creditor is one of disobeying a court order. This creditor stands accused of posting a blog about the above mentioned matter in contravention of an order pronounced by the former, (now deceased), Chief Justice Donald Brenner. This Order essentially banned publication of

materials related to this bankruptcy proceeding. On the other hand; KPMG has never been sanctioned or disciplined for disobeying several Supreme Court of British Columbia rulings.

Further to this the same Chief Justice Brenner also granted a bizarre and unprecedented order giving retroactive immunity, reaching back ten years, to all of the professionals involved in the administration of this entire bankruptcy proceeding. The same Chief Justice Brenner did not allow any cross-examination of any single affiant on any supporting Affidavit material, which was filed, by any administrative officer, in this bankruptcy proceeding which have spanned over one decade.

It was in a peculiar circumstance that the late former Chief Justice Brenner became seized of these proceedings. After suffering blow after blow in a United States District Court, the Trustee in Bankruptcy – Defendant KPMG – ran back to British Columbia‘s Supreme Court for refuge from the lawsuit that was filed in Seattle on February 2, 2007.

This desperate maneuver was after several months of sparring and subsequent to renowned Judge John Coughenour, issuing an interim Order favoring the Plaintiff Braich. Two of the other Defendants in Braich’s multi-pronged U.S. lawsuit – The Government of Canada and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police – settled with Plaintiff Braich out of court. Once seized of the bankruptcy proceedings Chief Justice Brenner halted Braich’s Washington State litigation.

Back to the publication ban. Instead of those parties injured pursuing more appropriate legal remedies that would be effective, in the case of libel ot defamation, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has chosen to prosecute this lone creditor, at taxpayer expense, under the last vestige of common law in Canada. Various legal scholars from around the world have opined that this will be a fundamental test of elements of the Constitution of Canada that will likely reach to the Supreme Court of Canada.

This law is apparently so archaic that technically the death penalty may be applied by the sentencing Judge, who in this case is the same as the trial Judge. As other bloggers remained untouched, this sole creditor is being selectively prosecuted and literally is at the mercy of one Judge in his case as he cannot opt for trial by jury. Furthermore; only this same Judge retains the power to stay the charges and not the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General.

Presently; some thirteen years subsequent to the highly contested, vexatious, illegal, and extremely punitive petition for bankruptcy being granted against Mr. Braich, he is, once again, pragmatically, and in accordance with the law, arranging to repay in full all of his lawful creditors, including compounded interest. The vast majority of Mr. Braich’s lawful creditors have been in direct contact with him and continue supporting his efforts. Oddly, the last attempt Mr. Braich made to repay his creditors was derailed by officers of the court.

It has just yesterday been made known that currently another attempt is being made to injure Mr. Braich’s current mobility and thus business activities. On September 7th, 2012, Braich’s counsel, while investigating the existence (or not) of outstanding warrants for arrest dating back to allegations of 2 infractions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in 2008, learned that yet another Warrant for arrest is in existence, which was issued in June of 2011.

The underlying alleged infractions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, in this current warrant are almost identical to the 7 previous charges that were brought against Mr. Braich, and remained outstanding for over 5 years and were eventually stayed. It should be noted that these charges were stayed on the eve of the trial and only after some 75 subpoenas were served, by Braich, on material witnesses, including the 5 witnesses that were being relied on by the Crown Prosecutor.

This stay of proceedings was also after Mr. Braich refused to plead guilty to any one of the seven counts and to pay a nominal $500 fine. In excess of $200,000 was spent on his succession of defence lawyers and eventually Mr. Braich decided to represent himself before British Columbia Provincial Court Associate Chief Judge Anthony Spence.

In order to ensure his creditors are repaid, the various Trusts of the children of the undischarged Bankrupt, Erwin Singh Braich, are prepared to fund this venture until justice is served. Accordingly, the aforementioned Trusts are prepared to set aside fifty million dollars ($50,000,000 CAD) for the retention of legal counsel, bail monies, and any other associated legal costs as well as the media campaign that is in the process of commencing.

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